Government lands three-party labour agreement

Deal aims to tackle recruitment challenges experienced by the companies and unemployed

A new agreement between the government, labour market and municipalities has been reached regarding qualified labour in Denmark.

The agreement aims to come to terms with recruitment challenges, ensure that more young people take vocational educations, increase the number of skilled workers and improve opportunities for workers to further educate themselves.

“Along with the labour market parties, we have reached a solid and ambitious agreement concerning adequate and qualified labour for companies and more internships for young people,” said the employment minister, Jørn Neergaard Larsen.

“The agreement demonstrates the government’s desire to co-operate across a broad spectrum and find solutions to our challenges together for the benefit of Denmark. The three-party institution is back as a hub in Danish politics, and that is very valuable.”

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Key to the agreement is a joint target that employers will create 8,000-10,000 more internships and work placement positions than today.

This will be done through a number of initiatives that will, among other things, improve financial incentives for setting up internships.

The agreement also focuses on supporting the unemployed to gain competencies that are in demand at companies.