Scottish scourge of Legoland faces wrath of council back home

Chalet was worse than a B&B – like Butlins in the 1970s, decries Dane-bashing delegate

Short of sending Franco Begbie as a special envoy to raise his kilt à la ‘Carry on Up the Kyber’ and tell them to “away an boil yer heid”, it’s difficult to imagine a way the Scots could have insulted the Danish more.

But amid all the post-Brexit talk of Scotland breaking away from the UK and cosying up to the Nordic nations, a council leader from the north of the country has managed just that: by insulting Legoland of all places.

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Day of destiny for Dane-basher
Aberdeenshire Council has confirmed today that it will gather at the “earliest opportunity” for a full meeting to consider the non-participation of its co-leader, Martin Kitts-Hayes, in the North Sea Commission (June 15-17) in Billund because his accommodation at the themepark wasn’t up to scratch.

Kitts-Hayes stayed less than two hours at the Wild West Cabin accommodation before ordering the entire delegation to return to Scotland – at a cost to the British taxpayer of 50,000 kroner.

“It was a shed”
“The accommodation was disgusting. It was worse than a B&B – it was a shed,” he told the Daily Record, likening it to Butlins in the 1970s.

“We were in what was described as holiday chalets which were basically sheds. There was a bathroom – if you could call it a bathroom, quite frankly. You could loosely describe it as a shower.”

Huge criticism
The North Sea Commission facilitates partnerships between local authorities in the nations bordering the North Sea, and it annual conference is considered a huge opportunity for networking and generating jobs.

Kitts-Hayes and his colleagues have since their return to Scotland faced widespread criticism for blowing an opportunity to ease some of the austerity cuts facing the region.

Kitts-Hayes has continued on in his position as co-leader of Aberdeenshire Council, but it is believed he could face a motion of no-confidence at the full council meeting.