Funen accent voted sexiest in Denmark

Bormholmersk considered the most amusing and Copenhagen the most repulsive

The Danish accent will never be the most appealing in the world – perhaps only surpassed by the Dutch as the most unattractive in Europe.

But nevertheless, a new YouGov survey for Metroxpress newspaper has revealed that the Danes themselves find the Funen accent the sexiest dialect that exists across this fair land.

Funen got 17 percent of the votes, followed by north Jutland (8 percent), Copenhagen (8 percent) and south Jutland (7 percent). South Zealand, meanwhile, was considered the least sexy accent with just 1 percent of the votes.

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Chucklesome Bornholmers
The survey also found that the Copenhagen accent was the most repulsive, with 28 percent of respondents chiming in, while the mid-Jutland dialect was considered the most trustworthy.

Finally, a massive 31 percent said the Bornholm dialect was the most amusing to listen to, followed by south Jutland (21 percent).

Danish is often described as sounding like someone has a potato in their mouth while speaking. But perhaps the Danes are in luck. More and more words being officially adopted into the Danish language are English, so perhaps that might help.

Or not, if you ask the Norwegians (see below).