More rocks being thrown from motorway bridges

Police have yet to link the many cases this week

Just a few days after a German woman died in Funen after the car she was travelling in was hit by a 30-kilo rock tossed from a bridge onto the motorway below, the police are reporting that similar episodes have taken place this week.

The Hillerød Motorway was closed on Thursday afternoon following another rock being thrown from a bridge, the Copenhagen Police revealed.

“No persons were injured, but we are trying to find the items that were used in the incident,” a duty officer told Ekstra Bladet tabloid.

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Four in a week
The police investigated the area and collected evidence, and the motorway opened once again just after 16:00.

It’s the fourth such incident to occur over the past week, but the police have yet to ascertain whether the episodes are linked.

Since 2013, the police have registered at least 10 life-endangering incidents of rock being thrown from motorway bridges across the nation.