Tourists and citizens flocking across new city bridge

A higher than expected number of people are crossing Inderhavnsbroen

There is little doubt that the new city bridge Inderhavnsbroen, stretching across the city harbour from Nyhavn to Christianshavn, has endured its fair share of troubles. But that seems to be water under the bridge.

It’s early days, but new figures from Copenhagen Municipality shows that far more cyclists and pedestrians have been using it to cross the watery gap than anticipated.

The city had expected 3,000-7,000 cyclists would use the bridge on a daily basis, but at the moment there are about 11,000 cyclists crossing every weekday.

And it is also popular with pedestrians – around 18,000 strolled across it last Saturday alone. But of course, the bridge is brand new and is probably popular on that accord.

“The Technical and Environmental Management will undertake a new traffic count later in the year to gain some insight into the number of people using it once the novelty factor wears off,” the municipality wrote.

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More than a bridge
Aside from the bridge, the city has also improved the conditions of the infrastructure leading up and away from it.

Wider cycle paths have been established on Store Kongensgade and Gothersgade, while the one-way rules for cyclists along Nyhavn, Kongens Nytorv and up Gothersgade to the Kings Gardens have been removed.

On the opposite side of the harbour, smaller bridges have been set up to lead cyclists and pedestrians to popular destinations like the Paper Island, the Opera House and Holmen.

Furthermore, a new green cycle route, the Christianshavn Route, has been set up, leading traffic away from the bridge through Christiania and out into Amager.