More cars set ablaze in Copenhagen

No-one has been arrested yet

Copenhagen Police is investigating five more cases of cars set ablaze in various parts of the capital.

On Thursday, a 21-year-old man was taken in custody on suspicion of setting dozens of cars on fire over the past weekend, but since then new cases of car burnings have been reported.

Two cars were set alight on Friday night.

“We were notified about a fire in Uplandsgade [in the southern part of Copenhagen] at 01:03 and about another fire in Kastrup at 1:43,” stated a police officer on duty, Carsten Reenberg.

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Then on Saturday night, police and fire brigade were sent to yet three other such incidents.

Two vehicles were set on fire in the district of Nordvest, while the third one was set ablaze in Amager.

No-one has been arrested in connection with these new cases.