Sunny weather on the way to Denmark this week

After a shaky start, things should improve

Following an extremely rainy Sunday, the outlook in Denmark will get brighter once Monday is in the rear-view mirror, according to state meteorologist DMI.

Today will be cloudy in many spots, with the occasional shower, until things start to clear up by the afternoon.

“Monday won’t be anything to shout about,” DMI meteorologist Jesper Eriksen told Ekstra Bladet. “Temperatures across the country will be between 17 and 20 degrees.”

Wonderful Wednesday
Tomorrow, the good weather will arrive and should continue to improve throughout the week.

“It will be mostly sunny and dry,” said Eriksen. “By Wednesday, temperatures will be in the mid-20s.”

While he was reluctant to roll the dice for a weekend forecast, Eriksen said the weather should remain stable until at least Friday.