Danish restaurant turning to Neptune to improve its pizza dough

Purified seawater a healthier baking alternative, says chef

David Biffani, the chef and owner of Mother Restaurant in Kødbyen, Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District in Vesterbro, is introducing a new/old technique to prepare  his sourdough pizzas.

Biffani will make his pizza dough using purified seawater rather than traditional salt and water.

“Using micro-filtered seawater with all of the natural occurring minerals and trace minerals is a way to season food and obtain a more intense and natural flavour while lowering your salt intake and boosting consumption of trace minerals,” explained Biffani.

“Baking with the seawater gives the dough a delicate and springy texture, so our sour dough pizzas are tastier, lighter and even easier to digest.”

Get the Munchies
The first sourdough pizzas made with seawater will be presented in collaboration with Munchies & Vice Magazine at the Munchies Food Festival in Kødbyen on September 3 and 4.

Biffani will host a talk and a tasting of the pizzas in the courtyard of his restaurant on September 3.

Guests  attending the Munchies social dinner will experience a wider spectrum of cooking with seawater, as Chef Bo Linnegaard will use it as a basic ingredient in his signature dish.

The use of seawater in cooking is a tradition that has been practiced in Mediterranean coastal villages for centuries.