Stop bleating Faroe Islands, Google finally bringing ‘ewe’ Street View

One local sheep-lover grabs the US tech giant by the horns

It’s taken a while for Google to bring its popular Street View map to the remote and sparsely populated Faroe Islands. But following some ‘ruminant’ encouragement, the tech giant has fleeced its excuses and put its hoof in.

Actually, they might not have come at all, had a Faroese local not put her woollies on and rammed home the idea using some of the stunning island’s more woolly residents.

For the past three months, Durita Andreassen from the island’s tourism organisation Visit Faroe Islands, has equipped some of the island’s sheep with solar-powered cameras in order to create her own – and far more rugged – version of Google Street View, very aptly titled ‘SheepView360’.

Following the release of SheepView360, thousands of people urged Google to stop treating the islands like a black sheep of the family and get involved with making a proper street map of the beautiful islands.

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Lend a helping hand
They finally relented and sheared all doubts away by equipping the Faroese with a Street View Trekker and 360 cameras in order to produce and even more encompassing (and less woolly) Street View map for the island.

Now, it’s up to the locals and tourists to provide a more comprehensive Street View of the islands, by borrowing the Google camera and filming the rocky expanse of the island from cars, cycles, kayaks, boats and any other forms of transportation they can find.

“When we started the project, it was our intention to make the Faroe Islands accessible on Google Street View in order to share our beautiful nation with the rest of the world,” said Andreassen.

“During our work we fell in love with our own woolly version of Street View so we are very pleased with Google’s decision to continue down a similar path.”

The cameras can be loaned from Visit Faroe Island’s office in the capital Tórshavn and from the airline Atlantic Airways.