Shark washes ashore near Copenhagen

Porbeagle is headed to the Natural History Museum of Denmark

A 140 cm-long Porbeagle that washed ashore near Copenhagen last week has ended up becoming part of the Natural History Museum of Denmark.

The shark was found washed up on Ishøj Beach on August 25. It is believed it was probably caught by fishermen in deeper seas before being gutted and discarded.

The shark, which is native to Danish waters, is actually protected by EU law and will now be used for research at the museum.

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Infested waters?
The Porbeagle is not considered dangerous to humans.

“Most Danes consider sharks something exotic and not native to the cold Nordic waters,” the Natural History Museum of Denmark wrote.

“But actually, there are 15-16 shark species swimming about in the deeper seas off the Danish coasts.”

Shark enthusiasts are encouraged to visit the ongoing pop-up exhibition about the Greenland shark – the world’s longest-living vertebrae –  at the Zoological Museum in Copenhagen.