Food galore this weekend in Copenhagen’s meatpacking district

Tempt your taste buds at the new Munchies Festival

VICE media’s new food blog Munchies is inviting all foodies to a two-day gastronomic fest in the meatpacking district of Copenhagen.

Munchies Festival is taking place this weekend, on both Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm, offering tempting dishes from a wide range of culinary traditions, including American Yoburgers, Michelin-awarded Asian gourmet food from restaurant Kiin Kiin and multi-national grilled food from Kul.

“Denmark has become world famous for its culinary skills. With Munchies Festival, we want to create an event which besides offering interesting food experiences will also create cohesion around the meal in all its aspects,” Lars Hinnerskov Eriksen, the editor at Munchies Denmark, told AOK.

“People should taste the food, but also help to prepare it and be inspired by the chefs who break new gastronomic boundaries.”

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On Saturday, chefs from ‘I’m a KOMBO’ will prepare a five-course dinner that will be served at a table for 200 guests.

There will be music performances and opportunities to hone your cooking skills and learn everything about food culture, sustainability and food hacking.