Swedish architects propose Øresund City vision

Artificial islands and new metropolis highlight ambitious concept

A new Øresund vision that last week won a Swedish architecture prize, Imagine Open Scania 2030, depicts Copenhagen and Malmö bound in a way that far transcends bridges, ferries and tunnels.

The vision, named ‘Ge mig era trötta’ (‘Give me your tired’) in a tribute to the Statue of Liberty in New York, involves connecting the two Øresund cities via three artificial islands that would make up a brand new metropolis named Øresund City.

“Our proposal connects Malmö and Copenhagen to a completely new city, Øresund City,” said Jan Mattsson, the CEO of Sweco, the architecture firm behind the concept.

“The Øresund Region has yet to reach its full potential and growth, partially due to there just being one connection between the two cities. Through our proposal, Øresund City can become a leading European metropolis.”

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Colossal construction
The earth for the three artificial islands would be obtained by digging three deep trenches in the Øresund Strait, which would then become the sea passages between Kattegat and the Baltic Sea.

The vision has been deemed technically possible, but ascertaining the environmental ramifications would be a nightmare, according to Sydsvenskan newspaper.