Boys charged with targeting ambulance with apple assault

Cops concede there were probably no rocks, but assert the incident still endangered lives

The Bible has Adam and Eve, Switzerland has William Tell and the UK has Sir Isaac Newton, and now north Jutland has two 17-year-old youths whose story is also destined to become the stuff of legends.

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North Jutland Police had been frantically searching for the culprits responsible for throwing objects at a moving ambulance on Monday evening from a bridge overlooking a motorway.

A police dog looked hard for the responsible stones or rocks, but in vain. And now it’s emerging why.

Plausible core?
Apples! Two youths arrested by the police today admit they threw objects at a passing ambulance, but claim they were actually apples.

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Their story would appear to be consistent with the minor dent found on the roof of the vehicle when it was inspected at South Aalborg Hospital, and the absence of any stones or rocks at the scene of the incident.

However, the boys have still been charged with endangering the lives of those inside the ambulance, which was on an emergency call when it was struck.