Mid-September Events: Every dog has his day

Dog’s day at Tivoli
Sep 11; Tivoli; over-8s: 99kr, under-8s: free adm, multiride wristband: 209kr; tivoli.dk
Treat the kids to a Tivoli they will barely recognise on September 11 (exactly two weeks before it closes down until October 14).

Every dog has its day, and Tivoli will quite literally have gone to the dogs.

Unsuspecting guests may feel they are barking up the wrong tree as hundreds of man’s best friends have the chance to go walkies in Tivoli.

Together with the Danish Kennel Club, Tivoli opens its dog doors for owners to meet other like-minded souls, chat about their breeds and take in the pedigree parade.

This year’s Dog’s Day includes shows at 11:00, 14:30 and 15:00. (PS)

Copenhagen Half-Marathon
Sep 18, 11:15; Øster Alle, Cph Ø; 450-500kr; cphhalf.com
Some 25,000 runners are expected to compete in this picturesque half-marathon through the streets of Copenhagen on a city centre course designed for fast times. The entrance fee includes a Nike shirt and medal. (RV)

Copenhagen Oktoberfest
Sep 22-24 & Sep 29-Oct 1; Amager Strandvej, Cph S; 299-339kr; oktoberfestdk.dk
Experience the Danish take on this German festival. Sit at long communal tables and drink one-litre tankards of beer served by staff dressed in traditional Bavarian dress – all housed in a 2,500 capacity tent on the beach. (RV)

Copenhagen Art Run
Sep 14, 16:00; Ishøj Strandpark; adults: 155kr, kids: 60kr; copenhagenartrun.dk
Join 600 fun runners on a 5km interactive run through happenings and experiences provided by artists, designers and architects. The reward at the finish is a goody bag. There’s no need to register beforehand. (PS)