Stones dropped on motorists on motorway near Copenhagen

No-one hurt in latest attack

Police are investigating another case involving heavy stones being dropped on a motorist from a motorway bridge.

The latest incident happened on Monday afternoon when something was dropped onto a car passing under a bridge near Ishøj west of Copenhagen.

The driver reported that an object – most likely a stone – landed on and dented his car. The driver was not injured and drove on. He told police that he did not see the culprit.

Dangerous trend
A German woman was killed when someone dropped a concrete slab onto her family’s car from a motorway bridge on August 21.

The woman died when the 30-kilo stone struck where she sat with her husband and five-year-old son. The boy escaped serious injury, while the man was badly hurt.

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Since that attack, more stones have been dropped on vehicles passing under bridges across Denmark.