Copenhagen presents budget plan for 2017

Municipality will invest in new housing, the renovation of playgrounds and new swimming pools

The municipal council at Copenhagen City Hall yesterday agreed on a budget plan for 2017.

The largest pool of money, 1.6 billion kroner, will be dedicated to children. Among the projects earmarked for the funds are the renovation of 10 schools and 17 playgrounds, along with prevention strategies protecting children at risk.

The municipality has also decided to invest 82 million kroner into the construction of 500 new housing units for students and young people.

Some 140 million kroner will be spent on renovating roads and cycle paths, particularly on Vesterbrogade and Amager Boulevard.

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Furthermore, the city has allocated 44.5 million kroner to street cleaning, new trees and better bicycle parking facilities.

The budget also factors in expenses related to the urban development of Papirøen, and 60 million kroner has been set aside for a new swimming pool and harbour bath.

A new swimming pool will also be built in Ørestad, while Enghaveparken will get a new ice rink in the winter and festival organisers will get a chance to apply for a slice of a 5 million kroner funding pool.