Danish woman loses disability benefits over Facebook photos

She boasted about winning sports tournaments, but claimed to have chronic inflammation of the colon and rheumatic disease

A Danish woman has lost her disability pension for bragging about her active lifestyle on Facebook.

According to the trade union 3F, the woman chose to only post about ‘the bright side of life’ and did not talk about her days of pain and tears.

When the insurance company Skandia checked her Facebook timeline, they thought she had recovered from her health problems because she seemed to be very physically active.

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Boxing despite rheumatism
The woman wrote that she trained in a gym and practised boxing, and that she had won some tournaments and club championships.

The Insurance Complaints Board then approved Scania immediately stopping her disability payments, but ruled against the woman having to return her past allowances.

According to 3F, the woman has been suffering from rheumatism, a chronic inflammation of the colon and a number of blood clot episodes.

Due to her health problems, she has taken early retirement.