Father injured by stone thrown from bridge out of coma

Back in Germany now, his condition remains poor

A 36-year-old German father, who was severely injured after the car he was driving was hit by a rock thrown from a motorway bridge crossing in Funen last month, has finally come out of his coma.

The father, who lost his wife in the incident, has been transferred from Odense University Hospital to the German city of Bochum, according to Funen Police.

Despite the good news, the man is still in a poor condition due to the head injuries he sustained when he was hit by the 30-kilo rock.

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Looking for leads
The police are uncertain whether they will ever be able to question him about the night of the unfortunate events.

“Firstly, it’s really sad the man’s condition is so poor, but we are of course also disappointed as we aren’t likely to get any help from him in solving the case,” said Michael Lichtenstein, a police commissioner with Funen Police.

The police revealed that so far DNA tests of the rocks have not yielded any breakthrough in the case. Neither have more than 200 lines of inquiry.

The family were driving through Funen on August 21 on their way home from a holiday in Sweden when their car was hit by the rock. The German family’s five-year-old boy was also in the car at the time of the incident, but escaped largely unscathed.