New Danish right-wing party gathers enough support for ballot access

Nye Borgerlige have collected enough signatures to run for Parliament at the next elections

Denmark’s new right-wing party, Nye Borgerlige (New Bourgeois), has managed to gather enough support to get on the ballot and run for Parliament at the next elections.

By September 12, the party collected the required minimum of 20,109 signatures, and since then it has added at least 500 more.

The signatures must now be reviewed and approved by the Interior Ministry.

“We are proud, happy and SO ready to make a difference for Denmark. Thanks to all our supporters!” wrote the party on Twitter.

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Nye Borgerlige’s political program has a strong anti-EU and anti-immigration focus and aims to bring an end to incoming refugees, limit the right to public benefits only to people with Danish citizenship and deport foreign criminals immediately after their first conviction.

The party was founded in October 2015 by architect Pernille Vermund (the head of the new party) and engineer Peter Seier Christensen, who both used to represent Konservative.

In May, the party was joined by Lars Hedegaard, a well-known anti-Islam commentator and former chairman of the Free Press Society.