Young Danish man robbed by phoney good samaritans

First he gassed up their car and then they stole his wallet

A young man in Odense went looking for a taxi after a night on the town at about 5 am on Sunday morning.

As he was searching, two men pulled up and said theywould drive him home if he didn’t mind making a few stops on the way.

Gas and go
The man agreed and also offered to pay for some petrol. The young man let the driver use his credit card – including his pincode – while at the service station. As they approached the outskirts of Odense, the two men in the car then ordered the man to hand over his wallet and tossed him out of the car.

Although he reported the incident to the police and tried to block his credit card, the damage was already done.

“The thieves had already ran up 5,000 kroner worth of charges,” Hans Jørgen Larsen from Odense Police told TV2 News.

Not the first
Larsen said that this is not the first incident he has encountered of people being robbed in a “pirate taxi”.

He couldn’t say if the same two men were behind the other crimes, “but the methods used are the same”.

The victim said the car used by the crooks was a post box red Renault Clio and that the two men were foreign in appearance.