Rygaards International defends title in cross country running

Lucie Rychla
September 26th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Despite greater competition, the Hellerup-based school scored the most points again

A supreme effort all round (photo: Rygaards)

Rygaards International School defended its title at the annual cross country running tournament for international schools in Denmark, which took place on September 18 at the Odense Athletics Stadium.

Her only serious opponent was her shoelaces (photo: Rygaards)

Her only serious opponent was her shoelaces (photo: Rygaards)


The Hellerup-based school returned home with yet another overall trophy despite increased competition as 242 children participated this year compared to 160 in 2015.


If you ain’t got a two zero, you can’t enter this team (photo: Rygaards)


Students from Rygaards competed with rivals from Esbjerg International School, NGG International School in Hørsholm, Odense International School and Skt Josef’s International School in Roskilde.

Wild cheering2

The art room was stripped bare for the occasion (photo: OIS)


Medals were awarded to the top three runners in six categories: boys/girls under-7s (500 metres), under-9s (1,000 m) and under-11s (1,500 m).


And they’re under starters’ orders (photo: Rygaards)


The children from Rygaaards International got the most points and thus won the main trophy.


When the podium’s not big enough for the joint photo, they improvise (photo: OIS)








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