Denmark’s most wanted go international

Two of Denmark’s most notorious criminals added to Europe’s most wanted list

Mohamad Ahmed Hassan and Amin Qatra were at the top of the Danish national police department’s most wanted list, and now they’re on Europe’s.

Both on the run
Hassan got into a fight over a cigarette with a companion in a Brønshøj apartment seven years ago and wound up killing his friend with a kitchen knife during the altercation. He has been missing ever since.

Qatra is suspected of being behind the murder of 31-year-old Mohammed Sendi from Odense, who was a member of the Black Army gang.

Sendi was stabbed in the throat last June and bled to death in the street, and Southeast Jutland Police believes Qatra had Sendi murdered to avoid paying him money he owed him for drugs.

A good record
The Danish national police force, Rigspoliti, has now added the two men to Europol’s list of the most wanted fugitives in Europe.

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The Europol website is operated by police departments across Europe and has been instrumental in nabbing fugitives in the past.

Danish police have previously placed three men on the list, all of whom were subsequently arrested.