More Danish companies bringing production home

Compared to six years ago, more businesses are realising that it’s better to return

A new report (here in Danish) from industry advocacy organisation Dansk Industri (DI) has revealed that an increasing number of Danish companies are choosing to bring outsourced production back home.

The report is based on a survey of DI members who contended that their reasons for moving production home again was to increase flexibility, quality and production.

“It’s good news that more Danish companies are bring production and jobs back to Denmark from abroad,” said Karsten Dybvad, the head of DI.

“The companies underline the short distance between leadership and workers as a great strength that makes it attractive to run a business in Denmark. In Denmark it is normal that employees from all levels can go to the boss with ideas when things aren’t working out. It’s just not like that in many other nations.”

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More coming home
Six years ago, just one company moved production home for every 40 who outsourced production abroad. But today, 13 bring production home for every 40 who outsource.

Dybvad contended that Danish companies are becoming better at streamlining their production in a more intelligent and effective may.

And he doesn’t see it as an issue that companies outsource production away from Denmark, as long as they still focus on generating growth in Denmark.