Fewer train passengers crossing Øresund Bridge

while emergency exercise to close down bridge to cars on October 12

In the wake of the continued ID and border controls between Denmark and Sweden until November 12, the number of train passengers across the Øresund Bridge continues to decrease.

Sales of the Scania ticket card Jojo Öresund dropped by 8 percent in August and DSB statistics revealed a 15 percent fall in train journeys between Denmark and Sweden compared to last year.

Linus Erikssen, the head of traffic at the Scania transportation authority Skånetrafiken, told Øresund News the number of holiday travellers across Øresund has dwindled this summer, possibly due to the increased traffic and congestion that has arisen due to the ID and border controls.

As a result, Skånetrafiken hopes to push through a proposal that would merge the ID and border control at Copenhagen Airport with its Swedish counterpart across the bridge in Hyllie. It is estimated that doing so would save passengers 20 minutes in travel time.

The ID and border control has been evaluated as costing DSB and Skånetrafiken around 42.5 million Swedish kroner each in 2016.

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Bridge to close
In related news, the Øresund Bridge will be closed to cars on October 12 from 20:00 to 23:00, while train services will be limited during the same period.

The closure is down to an emergency exercise involving the emergency services, the Øresund Bridge Consortium and the authorities.