Malmö Improv Players

Have you ever imagined what would it be like to be completely uninhibited and freely create spontaneous drama and comedy… Or perhaps imagine yourself, a fully grown adult, being given a permission to act like a little kid again, when everything you create on stage is as real as the bright shiny red ball that someone now is bouncing on the floor as we speak 🙂

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This is exactly how life goes here, at Malmö’s Improvisatorium! Silly laughs, enchanting improv games and a fantastic atmosphere are guaranteed to open up your endless flow of fantasy. We are about theatre, acting and improvising. It is a perfect place to forget the ‘real’ world in exchange for fun, inspiration and happy improvisation feelings.

Malmö’s Improvisatorium is a very lively place (check our facebook page

-We always welcome you to our cozy universe of improvisation theatre. The beginners classes are probably the best point to start. All that we ask is that you come with a positive attitude, a willingness to say yes, and explore a bit of social discomfort…Think of it like a runner’s high, actually pretty awesome if you ask us!

-At some point you may discover that you actually may want to become a good improviser, and the intermediate classes are exactly all about this – we systematically practise the different skills a good improviser would like to have. And we pay a great deal of attention to the skills we wish to develop as a group. If you are already an experienced improviser, this is probably a great place to visit.

-We like to perform in public and you may see us some time on stage, performing in a bar, or maybe even in the street or on the beach. We prove over and over that everyone has a talent to improvise and even if you have never improvised before, who knows, maybe one day you will find yourself on stage. Sometimes we have dedicated series of classes intended for the performing improvisers.

-We also like to shoot short movies. We do it about once in a month or two in a fruitful collaboration with a talented film director. We have proved a simple formula, which goes as Improvisers+Camera+Enthusiasm=Fun, Beauty and many other miracles.


There are some guidelines to make improv a fun and rewarding experience for every player involved. They are well summarised in 13 “maxims” (rules) of improv:

1. Say yes

2. Don’t prepare

3. Just show up

4. Start anywhere

5. Be average

6. Pay attention

7. Face the facts

8. Stay on course

9. Wake up to the gifts

10. Make mistakes, please

11. Act now

12. Take care of each other

13. Enjoy the ride

(from the book “Improv Wisdom” by Patricia Ryan Madsen)

In addition, to make this a happy constructive experience:

1. Be safe

2. Be nice

Ready, Set, Go!!!