Danish fishermen fear the prospect of lower cod quotas in the Baltic Sea

EU plan to slash catches will spell the end for fisheries warns association

The EU says that if cod stocks in the Baltic Sea are to remain viable, the number of fish being caught must be dramatically reduced.

The commission is setting the stage for dramatic reductions in cod quotas for 2017.

According to the EU, quotas in the western Baltic Sea should be cut by 88 percent over the year, while the quota for cod in the eastern Baltic should be cut by 39 percent.

“The scientific advice received earlier this year recommended deep reductions in fishing catches to help these populations to grow from their current very low levels,” wrote the EU Commission on Tuesday.

The beginning of the end
Kim Kær Hansen, the vice president of Danmarks Fiskeriforening, said he did not know whether to laugh or cry at the EU’s recommendations.

“It is a disaster in the making,” Hansen told DR Nyheder.

“This will lead to the direct closure of fisheries in a large part of the Baltic Sea. There are very few companies that can withstand an 88 percent reduction in revenue.”