Danish woman fined for inflammatory Facebook comment

39-year-old offered to supply petrol to help torch a Copenhagen mosque

A court in Herning has levied six daily fines of 500 kroner each on a 39-year-old woman for statements she made on Facebook concerning an arson attack on a Copenhagen mosque.

The woman said in a post on the page of an anti-mosque group that she would like to “jump on the bandwagon” and supply “a litre of petrol” after she read an article about the arson.

The court ruled the woman had violated the section of the penal code concerning public incitement to commit a crime.

The 39-year-old woman admitted in court that she wrote the comment, but denied she was inciting anyone to commit a crime.

She said she didn’t put much thought into the post and said it was “the most stupid thing she had ever done”.

The prosecutor in the case, Linette Lysgaard, demanded the woman spend 60 days in prison, but the court limited her punishment to just the fines.