Vestas revels in fantastic late September

Groundbreaking deals in Mongolia and the US fan a month to remember

It’s been a month of groundbreaking deals and accolades for Vestas as the winds of change continue to blow in the right direction for the Danish wind turbine producer.

On September 27, the company’s very own Bert Nordberg was named ‘Chairman of the Year’ by PricewaterhouseCoopers, and two days later a historic deal was secured in Mongolia, the first of its kind for Vestas.

The order for 25 Vestas V110-2.0 MW wind turbines is for the Mongolia’s second wind power project, the 50 MW Tsetsii wind park located in the Gobi desert in the southern part of the country.

“Vestas looks forward to supplying world-leading wind power technology to Mongolia and to supporting the country’s efforts in reducing reliance on coal and in realising its vision to contribute to the sustainable energy demand of Mongolia and the Asia Pacific region,” said Chris Beaufait, the president of Vestas Asia Pacific and China.

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Winning over Warren
About a week earlier, Vestas also clinched a significant order in the US that could help pave the way for a strong presence in the lucrative market.

Its 214 MW deal with the largest utility owner of wind energy in the US, MidAmerican Energy, consists of PTC-qualifying components for the 2,000 MW Wind XI project in the state of Iowa. MidAmerican Energy is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, which is owned by the legendary investor Warren Buffet.

“Wind energy helps us keep prices stable and more affordable for customers. It provides jobs for Iowans and other economic benefits for our customers, communities and the state,” said Bill Fehrman, the president and CEO of MidAmerican Energy.

“Wind energy also contributes to a cleaner environment for everyone. We are proud to expand wind generation in Iowa. And our customers appreciate that we’re doing it without asking for an increase in rates to pay for it.”

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Blowing for BRIC
Other Vestas deals within the last week or so have included a 100 MW order in China by long-time customer CGN Wind Energy Limited for a project in the Liaoning province in the northeastern part of the nation.

In Brazil, Vestas signed a 40 MW deal from Gestamp Wind for the Pedra Rajada I/II wind parks in Rio Grande do Norte.

Closer to home, two other orders were also obtained in Germany and the UK.

In Germany, Vestas notched an order for 13 V126-3.45 MW turbines from project developer Green Wind Energy.

In the UK, Vattenfall has placed an order for 11 of the world’s most powerful turbines for the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC), also known as Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm.