SKAT forks out millions for Panama Papers

Six million kroner paid for useful leaked documents

Danish tax authority SKAT is now in possession of hundreds of documents from the massive Panama Paper tax haven leak earlier this year.

SKAT has paid a total of 6 million kroner for the documents – the first time SKAT has ever paid for information leaked from a tax haven.

“We had the opportunity to look through the material before we paid and we’ve received what we were promised,” Jim Sørensen, a SKAT spokesperson, told DR Nyheder.

“The material contains the number of files regarding Danes that we expected, and the quality measures up with the trial documents we obtained beforehand. The next step is to dig deeper and find the people and look into their tax history.”

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The hunt is on
According to SKAT, the documents contain a number of situations concerning founding documents, agreements, correspondences and other information needed to identify individuals and evaluate their tax behaviour.

The 6 million kroner was delivered to an anonymous person, said SKAT.