Rats in Copenhagen thriving thanks to warm weather

September 2016 was one of the sunniest and warmest

The population of rats in Denmark’s capital is on the rise thanks to unusually warm weather and food litter lying around after picnics, says expert from the pests department at Copenhagen Municipality.

The number of complaints about rats has increased significantly in the Capital Region.

Copenhagen Municipality alone has received over 500 complaints more this year compared to the same period in 2015.

Kjeld Christensen, the head of the pests department, contends rats thrive in the city thanks to the warm weather and food litter lying around.

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Hot year
According to NASA, the year of 2016 may be the hottest so far.

Danish meteorologists (DMI) have reported that September 2016 was one of the hottest and sunniest in history.

Although the average temperature was 16.2 degrees, which corresponds to record years of 1999 and 2006, the average maximum daily temperature reached 20.5 degrees, which breaks previous records.

DMI also measured 201 hours of sunshine and only 35 millimetres of rainfall, which is about half of the precipitation in a typical September.