Bieber believers few and far between in Copenhagen

Starless, starless night at Parken as Danish critics roast pop icon

Danish music critics were not impressed with Justin Bieber’s concert at Copenhagen’s Parken on Sunday.

Despite his fame and catalogue of hits, the press in attendance said the 22-year-old Canadian was mailing it in all night long.

Music magazine Gaffa gave the concert only two out of six stars.

“His eyes are completely dead, there are no facial expressions, and the few words that are uttered to the audience are simply so rehearsed and soulless you’d rather he didn’t say anything,” said Gaffa.

It gets worse
Ekstra Bladet’s notorious critic Thomas Treo could only give Bieber one out of six stars.

“He looked like a robot without batteries in front of 49,000 frantic squealing fans,” they wrote.

“He resembled a brain-blasted young man who wished he could crawl back into his quiet room in Canada do his homework.”

Sing, for helvede!
The music pundits were particularly scathing of the Bieb’s use of backing tracks, especially to pump up his own vocals.

“Either his tween voice is so wasted that it needs to be protected by the bubblewrap of obvious backing tracks, or he just doesn’t care,” wrote BT, which also gave the concert only two stars.

“Either way, it was frankly rude that he didn’t even bother to try and pretend that he was singing.”