Real-life police drama at Danish movie house

October 4th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Six cops stormed the BioCity in Aarhus with their guns drawn

The reality was more than virtual at the Aarhus BioCity over the weekend (photo: Sidsel Pedersen)

Movie-goers at the BioCity cinema in Aarhus had a little extra real-life police action added to their viewing of the already highly dramatic film ‘Deepwater Horizon’ on Sunday when six cops burst into the theatre with their guns drawn.

The police were searching for a man who had been reported walking around the city centre of Aarhus with a gun at about 2 pm on Sunday afternoon.

“We were searching the city and had tracked him to the cinema, where we heard he was sitting in the back row clicking his gun,”  Marianne Morgen, a press officer at East Jutland Police, told BT.

Police spoke to staff at the cinema about the best way to handle the situation. They decided to stop the film, bring up the house lights and go in with guns drawn.

“We arrested the man without incident, and it was as undramatic as it could be with weapons drawn.”

Better than the film?
It turned out the man was holding an airsoft gun and a bread knife. The cops explained what had just gone down to the shocked movie-goers.

One guest did not agree with Morgen’s assessment of the incident as “undramatic”.

“The film was paused, the lights were turned on and six officers with weapons stormed in and shouted that we were to remain seated with our hands in clear view,” Susan Krogh told Newsbreak.dk.

“They ran up the back of the hall and there was a lot of noise and commotion. They overpowered a man with great difficulty and left the cinema.”

However, according to Morgen, most of the cinema-goers were satisfied with how the situation was handled. They were offered a free coffee or soft drink and a free ticket to watch another film at BioCity.


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