Urban planners from the US and Canada on field trip in Copenhagen

Visitors particularly impressed by cycling infrastructure

Some 45 urban planners and architects from the US and Canada are this week visiting Denmark’s capital to get inspiration for their home cities.

“Copenhagen is utterly fantastic,” Clarina Tolson, the head of Philadelphia’s department for transport and infrastructure, told TV 2 Lorry.

“I am very impressed: not just about how people get around the city, but also by the quality of life.”

Tolson and the rest of the group are spending five days in Copenhagen on a study tour to learn more about the city’s highly-praised urban planning.

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Many of them are particularly impressed by the cycling infrastructure.

“The number of cyclists here is fantastic,” said Jared Kolb, the CEO of Cycle Toronto, which advocates a healthy, safe, cycling-friendly city.

“I’ll see if we can slowly ‘Copenhagenize’ Toronto.”