Large service station chain rebranding and closing stations in Denmark

October 5th, 2016

This article is more than 8 years old.

Closures to follow restructuring at Uno-X

X marks the spot, but for how much longer? (photo: Lars Schmidt)

Norwegian service station chain Uno-X has confirmed plans for a major shake-up of its locations in response to changing driving habits in Denmark, reports Børsen.

In the near future, 14 of its 176 Uno-X stations will be closed and 87 will be rebranded as ‘Bonus’.

The new stations will have less emphasis on the company’s ‘quick in and out’ concept and mainly be located outside the major cities.

“Our Uno-X stations, meanwhile, will mainly be located in urban areas,”  Michael Norden, the managing director of Uno-X in Denmark, confirmed to Børsen.

Fill ‘er up!
The company decided on the changes after a ten-month analysis of Danish driving habits.

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The company plans to invest nearly a quarter of a billion kroner in upgrading its stations.


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