Cancelled bus routes to complicate public transport in Capital Region

The Capital Region’s council has proposed cut-backs on public transport expenses by shortening several bus routes and decreasing the frequency of bus services.

Both the mayors of Gladsaxe and Hørsholm complain the changes will negatively impact their residents, as they will have problems accessing larger transport hubs in the region.

The council has, among others, suggested shortening the route of bus 200S, which will no longer stop between Gladsaxe Trafikplads and Lyngby Station.

Gladsaxe’s mayor, Karin Søjberg Holst, worries this will make it difficult for citizens to reach the larger transport terminal in Lyngby.

Holst said she is prepared to invest municipal funds in preserving the current bus schedule.

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Similarly, the mayor of Hørsholm, Morten Slotved, complains that the bus 375R, which connects Rungsted Kyst with Hillerød, will no longer stop in his municipality and local residents will lose a direct connection to the future super-hospital that is being built in Hillerød.

Slotved has promised that if it comes to that, he will allocate funds for a shuttle service around the municipality, which will stop at Kokkedal train station, which links to Hillerød.

Region Hovedstaden’s 41-member council will decide on the proposed changes next week.