Surprising cut named Denmark’s ‘Steak of the year’ for 2016

Little-known hanger steak impresses judges at competition

A surprising cut of meat was named steak of the year at a competition held in the Explorer’s Steakhouse onboard DFDS’s Oslo-Copenhagen ferry on Thursday.

The hanger steak, a cut that ‘hangs’ away from the bone near the kidney of a steer, was the winner over eight other cuts, including well-know favourites like the ribeye and tenderloin.

Judges including renowned Danish names like Liselotte Lyngsø and Thomas Rode Andersen praised the hanger steak’s strong meaty taste, beautiful colour and distinctive meat structure.

Butchers love it
Although perhaps not as well-known among the public, the hanger steak has always been a favourite among meat aficionados. In fact, it is sometimes called the ‘butcher’s steak’ because the local butcher would often keep the cut for himself rather than sell it.

Andersen was glad to see a lesser-known and less expensive cut grab the spotlight.

“It’s great the focus shifts to other cuts,” he said. “We can’t eat ribeye and tenderloin every time. We need to enjoy the other cuts an animal has to offer.”

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The winning steak will now be added to the menu of the Explorer Steakhouse.