Exploring sexual perversity in Copenhagen up the Rabbits’ and other holes

Copenhagen’s youngest theatre company Down the Rabbit Hole (DTRH) is collaborating with Hamburg-based Manusarts to present an evening of humorous cabaret that delves into the worlds of sex and adultery.

The performance is an adaptation of Daniel Glattaue’s ‘Love Virtually’, a book that examined the fundamental differences between the dwellers of Mars and Venus and the challenges of dating in the modern world.

Combining his text with anecdotes, poems and music, director Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen, a DTRH co-founder, takes us on a tour of  our collective cultural conscience to present a story of love and betrayal featuring lovers, sexual appetites, internet acquaintances and dangerous liaisons starring Siegmar Tonk, Jana Pulkrabek and DTRH regular Jens Blegaa.

Click on the link below for a taste of Glattaue’s prose read by actor David Tennant.