Arsonist setting fire to Danish summerhouses, police fear

Four fires in the same area in as many days have cops looking for a single offender

Police in northwest Jutland suspect that an arsonist is setting fire to summerhouses in the Slettestrand area near Blokhus.

Four fires in four days have cops suspecting that someone is deliberately setting the buildings alight. The latest blaze struck the thatched roof of a home near Slettestrand.

“Evidence suggests that the fire was set in the eaves and then burned through the roof,” Poul Badsbjerg from North Jutland Police told TV2 News.

Police have received several reports of suspicious activity from citizens living in the area.

“We have examined some of the reports and have had dogs in the area,” said Badsbjerg.

Be on the lookout
There have been some people questioned in connection with the investigation, but Badsberg said that they were all able to account for their whereabouts at the time of the fires.

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Police are asking people to continue to report suspicious activity.

“We cannot dismiss the possibility of a single offender,” said Badsbjerg.