Taking selfies in Denmark can give you lice

Electronic coziness can spread unwanted pests

This is the prime season for lice to breed and spread in Denmark and technology is giving them a helping hand.

Taking selfies close together or sharing an iPad helps spread the nasty little buggers. When kids and youngsters get close, lice can jump from head to head with no problem.

“The season for lice begins when school starts in August and lasts until winter really sets in,” lice expert Anette Morgen told Ekstra Bladet.

“The warm months we have experienced recently have lice thriving.”

Better to be all by your selfie
Morgen said that although younger children used to be most at risk of contracting lice, the selfie craze and increased use of electronics are resulting in older kids being infected.

“It has also become a major problem for children in older classes and young people at schools, since many of the young people take selfies and are at greater risk of becoming infected,” said Morgen.

Lice prefer Denmark
Morgen said that studies have shown that the lice problem in Denmark is greater than in neighbouring countries.

“We have twice as many cases than there are in Sweden,” she said.

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Danish health authorities advise in a brochure that “it is the responsibility of parents to examine their children and treat them if they have lice.”