World War II hand grenade temporarily closes police station in Denmark

Cops in Sønderborg decided to err on the side of caution

Although Word War II ended 70 odd years ago, weapons and munitions from the war still pop up in Denmark now and then.

On Monday afternoon, an elderly man dropped by the police station in Sønderborg  with a 70-year-old unexploded hand grenade that he had found during renovations of a private residence.

Boom, boom … out go the lights
As a safety precaution, police decided to close the station and the street it sits on unit the grenade was removed. The station and area were shut down at around 13:30 and reopened after defence ammunitions experts picked up the weapon at about 15:00.

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Police were not sure how the WW II relic ended up where it was discovered. It is now up to the defence experts to decide what happens to the grenade.