New Danish app heaping on the free drinks

Yes, there’s even an app for that!

Danes are lapping up the new app Heaps Drinks, which allows members that sign up for a 49 kroner per month prescription to get a free drink once a day at over 40 locations in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Originally offered as a test to students at Copenhagen Business School, what was intended as a quiet test for a few hundred members has now spread to 5,000 members.

“We could not believe our eyes when we saw that over 5,000 had already signed up,” said Heaps Drinks managing director Niels Hangaard.

“Everyone that downloads the app tells two friends to download it as well and it is spreading like wildfire.”

Users check out an establishment close by and see if they are participating. The monthly fee entitles them to a free drink any day before midnight.

Bringing people together
Hangaard said that the app helps users figure out where to go while on the town, and it helps bars and restaurants by sending customers their way.

“These are the two parties we try to connect with Heaps Drinks,” he said.

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The average Heaps Drinks user member, claims five drinks per month. Of the 5,000 people signed up so far, 55 percent are women and 45 percent are men. The Heaps Drink app is available on iTunes.