Danish brewery develops instant beer powder

Initial output will be alcohol-free, but the know-how exists to produce the real McCoy

Brewers from Copenhagen’s To Øl brewery have created a freeze-drying procedure that eliminates the sugars, proteins and fats in beer and leaves behind a powder that consumers can produce beer from by just adding water.

The craft beer comes in four different varieties: dark, fruity IPA, hoppy IPA and pilsner.

To Øl said the powder will allow people to enjoy beer in places where it’s not normally easily accessible.

Not quite ready for prime time
The powder isn’t ready for the market yet, and the beer powder does not contain alcohol.

If a version containing alcohol is released, it could encounter approval issues in many places. For example,  although the federal government in the US has approved Palcohol (the powdered alcohol), several states have already moved to ban it, saying that it could be abused by minors, snorted or used to spike someone’s drink.

Beer gypsies
To Øl is a gypsy brewery, which means it does not own its our own facilities. They tend to be nomadic, using several facilities, and to produce a wide range of beers.