The city is your oyster on Culture Night

Now in its 24th year, Culture Night brings you a host of activities and adventures over one night.

With more than 200 organisers and 700 events especially organised for the evening, it will be difficult to find a moment of boredom.

Watch a magical science show unfold before your very eyes, or attend any of the several music shows and concerts that will be going on around the city.

If you want to get hands-on, you might attend a puppetry or zoo-designing workshop, or explore a darkened Rosenborg Castle with a torch.

For those whose feet can’t stop tapping, take a free introduction to swing dancing at Kulturhuset Indre By! Creative souls will find plenty to occupy themselves at Musikhøjskolen, which will organise activities in dance, drawing, film and music.

Food enthusiasts, stop by the Royal Kitchen at Christiansborg, where you can take an exclusive peek behind the scenes to see preparations for royal banquets, admire one of Europe’s largest copperware collections, and enjoy some coffee and cake. Speaking of cake – why not build an entire city out of it at Kulturanstalten? Sounds like a sweet deal!

These are just a fraction of the countless activities you can enjoy on this evening; from learning opportunities to performances and exhibitions, this event really does have it all.