Copenhagen needs more young foster families

Information meeting to be held next Wednesday

The municipality in Copenhagen has hung up posters around town this week calling for young foster families with room for some more love in their hearts.

About 100 children are given a new home with foster families in Copenhagen every year, but at the moment there is a real shortage of foster families living in the capital region.

“We think that there are some people in the city who actually might consider becoming a foster or relief family if they knew more about it,” said Klaus Wilmann, the head of the municipal family care centre, Center for Familiepleje.

“We hope to provide them that with a new information meeting.”

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Learn more 
The information meeting regarding foster care is open to the public and will take place on October 26 at 19:00 at Pilegården in Brønshøj.

Among other things, those attending will learn how to become approved as a foster family, how Center for Familiepleje co-operates with foster families, what is expected of families who take on a foster child and a city family will reveal the gifts and challenges they encountered as a foster family.

Sign up to attend the information meeting here (in Danish).