Danish man prefers deadly poison to a ride to court with cops

A routine task escalated quickly for some north Jutland police officers

A 61-year-old man decided that he was going to make life extremely difficult for some north Jutland police officers that came to his address to take him to a scheduled court appearance in Aalborg Wednesday morning. The man had previously failed to appear in the criminal case, so cops were taking no chances.

The man was having none of it.

Toxic snack
As the patrol arrived, he swallowed an unknown substance, forcing police to call an ambulance to come and get their reluctant passenger.

While on the way to the hospital in Aalborg, the ambulance doctor was informed by poison control that the man had swallowed a form of rat poison that is so toxic that the ambulance needed to stop its run and all occupants get out until the vehicle could be thoroughly cleaned.

“The police officers, the patient and the ambulance crew were pulled out of the ambulance due to the toxicity of the substance,” Poul Badsbjerg told TV2 News.

A scene from ‘Outbreak’?
North Jutland Police were forced to close the northbound side of E45 early Wednesday morning to create a ‘cleaning zone’. It took an hour before the ambulance was towed away and the motorway could be reopened

The man who ingested the rat poison is being treated at Aalborg University Hospital. According to police, the poison is very slow-acting and will probably not have fatal consequences. Three paramedics and two police officers were also admitted to the hospital for observation.