Cannabis sales in Christiania suffer dramatic fall

The permanent stalls have disappeared from the notorious Pusher Street, but for how long, worry the police

Cannabis sales in Christiania have fallen to less than 10 percent of what they were previously, according to the residents of the free state in Copenhagen.

Following the shooting incident at the end of August, when two policemen and a bystander were hit by gunfire on Pusher Street during the arrest of a dealer, all the cannabis stalls have been cleared from the notorious location.

“I would say that the ongoing cannabis trade around Pusher Street is now down to 10 percent compared to the situation before,” Ole Lykke, a spokesperson for Christiania, told Berlingske.

“We cleared away 40 stalls, with each employing about five to seven people. Now, there are about a dozen dealers standing about and selling cannabis from their pockets.”

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The permanent stalls did not even return for Christiania’s 45th birthday celebration on September 26, although more cannabis was reportedly sold on that day.

However, Copenhagen Police fears the permanent booths will return when the weather gets so cold that the dealers will want to escape the elements.

According to Dannie Rise, the head of Task Force Pusher Street, the police will continue to monitor the street carefully, although Christianites have removed police video surveillance from the area twice already in the past few weeks.