Who is … Jim Lyngvild?

He is a narcissistic ‘fashion dictator’ who lives in a wooden Viking castle on Fyn.

Why is he called a dictator?
He’s TV’s most used gay fashion commentator and often seen shouting out his opinion about what celebrities are wearing to gala events.

Where have I seen him?
Everywhere. On TV, you may have seen him either in ‘Robinson Expedition’ or ‘Til middag hos …’ (Dinner with …) on TV3 or in ‘Zulu Djævleræs’ (Zulu devil race) on TV2 Zulu.

I don’t watch those shows.
Maybe you saw him in ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ in 2009, when he demonstrated his debatable talent of eating seven Ferrero Rocher chocolates in one minute – a talent that earned him a spot in the Guinness World Records before it was beaten in 2012.

Impressive. What else is he famous for?
He’s also a writer of Tolkien-inspired fantasy novels. But besides dwarves and elves, one of his specialities is getting himself fired. He lost his job as the host of Copenhagen Pride after he said “little faggots” in an interview. TV2 also sacked him as the fashion commentator on the queen’s 70th birthday in 2010. According to Lyngvild, he was too “outspoken”.

Why do the media write so much about him?
He’s a real drama queen. When he makes a headline, it’s usually because of something he wrote in a Facebook status. One day he’s going down with stress, the next he’s shooting nude photos of himself or lashing out at other reality nobodies and their dresses.

Pretty uninspiring.
He once had a customer pay no less than 329,002 kroner for a nettle lotion from his own collection, simply because he wrote the wrong number on the credit card terminal. That made it into a news story. It’s that easy.

Any other ‘accidental’ crimes?
He was charged with illegal weapon possession after taking a selfie posing with a pepper spray. One of his Facebook friends ratted him out and the police went to his Viking fortress and confiscated three sprays, presumably along with a Gucci battleaxe.