Billionaire’s monster yacht will impact air traffic at Copenhagen Airport

Behemoth with 90-metre masts passing through Danish waters in the near future

When the Russian billionaire Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko sails his giga-yacht ‘Sailing Yacht A’ home from the shipyard in Germany, the air traffic at Copenhagen Airport will be affected.

The enormous yacht, the world’s second largest, has masts extending some 90 metres above deck – over twice as high as the Round Tower – and the airport will be contacted 30 minutes before the ship arrives at the Drogden trench just off the coast where the Nordic hub is located, which is standard procedure for all vessels over 40 metres in height passing through.

According to Forbes magazine, Melnichenko is the 139th richest man in the world and is good for somewhere around 70 billion kroner.

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Traversing Terminal 3
In related news, Copenhagen Airport is working on building a direct bridge connection from the airport’s Metro station to its security control and Terminal 2.

As of today, passengers arriving at the airport via the Metro are forced to walk through the congested Terminal 3 to get to Terminal 2. About 25 percent of the passengers arriving to the airport do so via the Metro.

“More and more passengers check in at home and travel with carry-on only,” said Christian Poulsen, the technical head of Copenhagen Airport.

“They should be able to walk directly from the Metro to security control without having to traverse the busy floor of Terminal 3. The same goes for those heading for Terminal 2, so we are planning a shortcut in the form of a first-floor pedestrian bridge that stretches from the Metro all the way through Terminal 3.”

Poulsen said that the airport’s estimations indicated that over 2 million passengers will make use of the shortcut every year when it is completed.

The bridge shortcut will be part of a 250 million kroner expansion plan that includes a new 1,500 sqm building extension, a new baggage claim exit and changing the worn granite floor.

Bypassing Terminal 3 (photo: Copenhagen Airport)
Bypassing Terminal 3 (photo: Copenhagen Airport)