First frost to appear in parts of Denmark

Tuesday night temperatures in central Jutland will drop to zero

A cold front with crisp air, light winds and clear conditions may yield the first frost of the season in parts of Denmark this week.

“The chance of frost is greatest on Tuesday night, when temperatures will fall to about 2-7 degrees, but in central Jutland they could dip below freezing,” Mogens Rønnebek from DMI told Ekstra Bladet.

Other parts of Denmark may experience frost as well, but it all depends on how cloudy it gets.

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Moreover, as the official temperatures are measured at 2 metres above the ground, it may actually be colder at ground level.

The lowest temperatures are forecast for the inland areas located furthest away from the relatively warm seawater, which in Denmark are never more than 50 km away from the coast.

Daily temperatures are expected to reach 11 degrees from Monday to Wednesday, rising to 14 during the second half of the week, while the nights will average 6-7 degrees.