Danish fighters drop payload in Iraq

15 bombs dropped on Islamic State targets in Mosul

Danish F-16 fighter jets have dropped 15 bombs on Islamic State (IS) targets in Iraq, according to the Danish Defence Ministry.

The Danish attack is part of the ongoing Iraqi-led offensive aimed at driving the IS out of the city of Mosul in northern Iraq. The defence minister, Peter Christensen, is currently in Paris to meet with his colleagues from the other core coalition nations.

“As we stand here in Paris, the coalition is in the process of taking Mosul from IS hands in Iraq,” said Christensen.

“Our Danish F-16 jets are supporting Iraqi forces on the ground in the area around Mosul and have so far flown seven mission and dropped 15 bombs in support of the offensive, which is progressing well.”

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Long-term plans
According to Christensen, the Danish bombs have targeted IS communication facilities, buildings, vehicles and facilities used to produce improvised explosives.

In Paris, the defence ministers will also discuss the long-term efforts in the battle against IS in Iraq and Syria, focusing on what will happen following Mosul’s liberation and beyond in order to ensure the military campaign is followed up with stabilisation and a humanitarian effort.